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help me about format driver

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Sorry all,my English very bad .

I want format driver G: , and code by AutoIT script . ( use conmandline DOS )

But if I use conmand is : format C:

DOS will question very infomations .

I want Run program,will format and no question .

Help me .

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first u have to tell us what OS do u use

for me I'm using win xp sp2

and this script worked fine with me try it , it will format silently

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " &'format G: /q /y')

by the way u can't format the system drive while u're using the system it wouldn't make Sense

hope I helped

see ya

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Thanks star2 vey much .

Ok, My OS is WinXP SP2 .

I will test with your code .

Thanks .

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