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Is AutoIt for me? Auto extract incoming Outlook/Exchange email to file(s)

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Just discovered AutoIt; awesome. Not a (C/C++/VB/...) programmer. Wrote something

useful in about 2 hrs that I needed a simple GUI for and ... AutoIt fills the bill extremely well.

But; would like to improve a related process/system I've written (Outlook rulesets, Unix

shell scripting) that looks like this:

1) Customer sends email to me in a prescribed format

2) Outlook (Exchange) ruleset forwards to email address on a Sun system

3) Sun system (easy on Unix) intercepts the email, processes it, calls another script that

produces XYZ and emails same to the Customer

This works ok, but would like to sever the links to the Unix system; Unix<->Windows/Exchange

email links are less than reliable in our environment.

So; would like to have: (?)

1) an Outlook Ruleset (or other mechanism) that doesn't forward these customer emails

but instead writes each (ascii fine) to a (unique) file on the filesystem; then I can write

something else that watches for these and processes them all on Windows.


2) Have looked a bit at trying to "print" each of these files, using the print-to-file (we're

still using Outlook 2002, IT-controlled) action in Outlook Rules processing; there is no

save-to-file action, but this entails a pop-up requiring interactive inputting of an output

filename unless that could be intercepted by AutoIT and a unique filename be supplied

to that dialog(?).


3) Am using email to let queuing be something else's responsibility and email is pretty

good at that. And; some customers may have internet connectivity but not direct

connectivity to our company's network; again, email fills the bill.

So; I guess perhaps I could also install some other email server that I could perhaps

forward to from Outlook/Exchange (I have no writes on the Exchange-server end of

things at our company, all in IT-hands.) that is more malleable than Outlook/Exchange

that could perhaps enable auto-saving of conforming emails to disk or interactiving

with other programs that do the work and send XYZ to customers.

So; am looking for guidance; how best to pursue this; I'm sorry for the broadness of this

question; but [no falseness here] AutoIt'ers seem a handy lot with broad experience/needs

/expertise so... thought someone might have some more educated opinions than mine.

Thanks, if so -

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