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I have a project where i need to "save as" 22 instances of a link per a webpage.

I have a crude script going where i use the mouse movement and co-ordinates of the links to do this. However, this is unreliable as i would like to run it on various PC's with different monitors, setups etc which obvisouly means the co-ordinates change.

The link text is something like : http://www.webpage.com.au/itemnumber/number_{and lots of variable text}

I have been reading about " _IELinkClickbyText", - can i get it to right click it?--save as etc? if NO, then i cant really use this

OR Should i be looking at using "Inetget". I have read that maybe i should do the following ;

1) Use Inetget to download the page (successfully done)

2) Use Fileread and Filegetsize into a variable and parse out the "<a href"s", and then Inetget the resulting variable.

Ok, im really stuck on point 2.

What is meant by "....parse out the "<a href"s", and then Inetget the resulting variable".

Any Help/direction would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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