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Getting the script to run faster

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I recently made a script to automates the playing of a game but it needs to run faster. any tips will help. for example:

is it faster to do this

if $x = 1 and $a = 3 then do watever

or is it faster to do

if $x = 1 then
if $a = 3 then do watever

even little things will help. also, does the script run slower if i have unused functions? thx in advance.

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AFAIK and functions are faster than If functions so the first choice is better.

A script don't run slower if it has unused functions. Since their code is never executed, if you want to be even surer. Put a exit before the Func section:

Main script:


Func 1()




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what's AFAIK? in my script i compare quite a few things. i'm leaning towards select cases instead of if statements. any general tips to speed the script up?


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