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making a windowed game run in full screen

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I play Battlefield 2142, it can run in full screen mode (default) or window mode (set by altering the command line switches) in the game shortcut, this which I have done.

The reason for windows mode: If the game crashes it usually freezes the computer which can avoided if its run in a window.

Within the game settings I have set the resolution to 1024x768.

I wish to make the window appear as if its running in full screen mode so it looks exactly the same as the default mode. So the windows title bar is not visibl and you can not see the edge of the window at the sides or bottom.

The game screen should take up the whole desktop to the very edge of each corner and not one pixel should be off the edge of the screen.

Here is a screen shot of how it looks in window mode:


I have tried using WinMove() But how do I take into account the title bar and edges of the window? I'm just being fuzzy as I want the windowed game screen to be a replica of the full screen.

Is there another way to do this?


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Ok, I have figured the the edge around the sides and bottom is 4 pixels, so guess I could figure the top out and move the window.

But is there an easier way? Such as WinSetClientSize(x, y, width, length)

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