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pixelgetcolor & vista = Slow

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Is there a vista thread? This should prolly go in there.

I realized some of my threads progs ran slow in vista and it took me a while to narrow it down, but apparently the pixelgetcolor command is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Like, takes several seconds to complete tasks that normally take milliseconds.

For instance

$x = 1
Tooltip(" ",$x,1)
$x = $x + 1
If $x = 50 then $x = 1
until 1 = 2

Yes i know its a do loop that could / should be a while loop, but i like my do loops.... either way its a fairly useless script, but it serves its puropose... On my XP machines it loops many times a second. In Vista, however, it takes TWO SECONDS to loop. remove the pixelgetcolor and it loops much much faster.

I have modified my scripts to use other commands (for the life of me i cant remember now) and they run faster, but i would like to know why this command is taking soo long, and what (if anything) is being done to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem with Vista or is it just me?


I ended up using pixelsearch or whatever that command is... it seems to work a lot faster. In reply to freefry, i had the latest version installed, it didnt help. That thread Jon is talking about tabs, whereas here im talking about getting the color of a specific pixel.

Yes i had areo running, full fade effects and transparencies, the whole nine yards. I figure if you got a laptop thats worth 3 grand, and is more powerful than most PC's, running one of the most graphic intense operating systems ever, you might as well make a go of it.

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PixelGetColor() is really slow in vista *if* Aero is enabled, as far as I can tell. And I use AutoIT v.

I did an OMR program (Optical Mark Recognition, to process scanned surveys), and if Aero is enabled (translucent window frames doesn't matter), PixelGetColor() is 10 to 15 times slower on my machine. (Radeon x600 PCI-E, P4 3.2GHz).

If I disable Aero (means no more useless 3D-Flip), then everything goes back to normal speed.

I place my bets on the way Vista "resolves" screen pixels - with Aero enabled, I think it would have to lookup pixel color from a texture in the memory of the video card, as opposed to a system ram lookup (again, just my impression, I am not techical enough to verify that!)

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But graphics memory is faster than RAM is it not? :/

Maybe it's another one of Microsofts 'features' :)

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Another user affected by this. I was reading ~500 pixel colors from a screen and on my inferiorly-equipped WinXP box things took about a millisecond. Go over to my Vista box and it takes FIFTEEN SECONDS. Turn off aero, and it's on-par with the XP machine.

Obvious my Aero is now disabled until this might be resolved :-D

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