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How to run acdsee 6.06 with autoit?

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Run ( @ProgramFilesDir&"\ACD Systems\ACDSee\6.0\ACDSee6.exe", @CommonFilesDir&"\ACD Systems\" )

Run ( @ProgramFilesDir&"\ACD Systems\ACDSee\6.0\ACDSee6.exe", @ProgramFilesDir&"\ACD Systems\ACDSee\6.0" )

Both not work on my machine, lack f some .dll files that lies in @CommonFilesDir&"\ACD Systems\ and it's subfolders.

Who can tell me how to run?

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I have same problem but with ACD See 7. I tried to run program using

run("c:\program files\ACD Systems\ACDSee\7.0\ACDSee7.exe")

I also tried

$shortcut = FileGetShortCut("C:\documents and settings\all users\plocha\ACDSee 7.0.lnk")

but with no effect.

Any suggestions?

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