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msgbox return ID

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looking at the help file for autoit 3, I am lost as to how to script on which buttons on the msgbox are pressed, the example in the help for autoit informs you of the number ID that is returned, however fails to give an adequate example :/ and searching on the net for something so simple is driving me insaneeee!!!


I want to present the user with a box with buttons to allow selection of a LIVE database system, or a TEST database system, or exiting, if you can think of a better solution than the simple msgbox approach below, feel free to share your knowledge :ph34r:

as an example I tried a few variations (see below)

MsgBox(4096+3, "xxxx Login Start", "Start Live/Test xxxxx Login ?" & CHR(13) & CHR(13) & "YES - Start LIVE xxxxx system" & CHR(13) & CHR(13) & "NO - Start TEST xxxxx System" & CHR(13) & CHR(13) & "CANCEL - Exit & abort")

If @error=6 Then

msgbox(4096, "hello", "You Pressed YES")


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