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mp3 player and text editor

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hi guys,

im new to this , and have succesfully built a few basic guis that open files etc, i would like now to get a little bit more sofisticated!

i want to build an application that has

* letter writing - using templates and feilds for name dates extra ( bit like a mail merge)

- feilds will name, date , time

* mp3 player to play tutorials etc

* diary/appointments calender with reminders

i think i have the mp3 player worked out via forums etc

diary is last thing to tackle

i know that i can call programs to open then use them, however what i want to create is a standalone application that will work on all pc's that is not dependant upon what programs are installed, so i guess the main, i'm not sure which way to look at putting this together

any ideas would be awesome

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