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array problem

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hay i was making a program installer and i want my program to convert a string to an array. so i made a while loop to move each individual character over but i get a strange error:

For $e = 0 To 15
                Local $thekey[$e] = StringLeft ( $key, 1)
                $len = StringLen ( $key) 
                $key = StringRight ( $key, ($len - 1))
and i get the error:

Local $thekey[$e]= StringLeft ( $key, 1)

Local $thekey[^ ERROR

Error: Array variable subscript badly formatted.

I've gone over the help file and i can't see any varient in my version from the one provided in the help file :ph34r: Edited by DarkNecromancer

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Matt @ MPCS

Try using the following instead:

Dim $thekey

; The delimiter is a null string
$thekey = StringSplit( $key, "" )

Per the StringSplit() documentation:

If you use a blank string "" for the delimiters, each character will be returned as an element.

It should do what you are talking about. If you really think you need to do a loop then do not declare the array inside the loop. Try this:

Dim $e
Dim $thekey[StringLen($key)]

For $e = 0 to ( UBound($thekey) - 1 )

   $thekey[$e] = StringMid( $key, ($e + 1), 1)


Both code segments have been tested and work. I hope this is what you are looking for, Happy Posting!

*** Matt @ MPCS

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OOoO :ph34r: thanks, didn't see that :( Still learning all the commands of V3 :\

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