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StringSplit(), not working when dealing with a multichar split item

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I'm trying to split a string like:

'Calloway, Cab'

At the ', ' (that's comma+space)

So I'm doing this:

$aTemp = StringSplit($sArtist, ", ")

I figured I'd get back a 2 element array with

$aTemp[1] = 'Calloway'

$aTemp[2] = 'Cab'

But instead I get:

$aTemp[1] = 'Calloway'

$aTemp[2] = ''

$aTemp[2] = 'Cab'

Seems like a bug to me. Am I wrong?

Sean Shrum :: http://www.shrum.net

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'Make it idiot-proof, and someone will make a better idiot'


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