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Help with a simple autoit script.. should be a quick one.

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Greetings, and I apologize in advance for such a noob post. But you gotta start somewhere right?

I'm a world of warcraft botter in the U.S.

I use the program called MMOGLIDER from www.mmoglider.com It works really well when it's running. However, as of lately since the security updates that blizzard has been doing to try and catch us to flag our accounts for either individual bans or a ban wave... The programmer's code has gotten shoddy as all hell. The program will run for anywhere between 2min and 8 hours... but when it does stop, it makes my computer do a hard restart. Sometimes a bluescreen, and sometimes not.

I'm cool with it restarting because I understand that with all the updates going on i can't expect it to be 100% all the time. 80-90 would be a safe bet. But what I'd like to do is make a .EXE script that I can put into my windows "Startup" folder. That way once my system restarts it will run my relogger and start the program again. I've tried the search feature on this site, as well as the help and i just can't get it to work. here's the info maybe one of you all can help me configure. First off for security reasons the path to the relogger is insanely long. and when attached to a RUN command like the one that runs "NOTEPAD.EXE" in the example i get an error. Maybe it's just since I don't know what i'm doing but here's the info.

Run C:\Documents and Settings\PiRaNhA\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\JGEG8M2G.5H1\T8MRB1K0.2JO\bhr...tion_1474bb6ea6ca77de_0001.0000_59acd981476627ab\Launch.exe

Wait for active window titled BHR

Keypress ALT


Keypress Enter

Exit autoit.

What is set to do essentially is run my relogger program, hit alt for the file menu, hit down to go to RUN in the relogger, and hit enter to start the relogger..... Which in return will start my bot and let it run. I need to make sure autoit exit's after this short script is run, otherwise it'll be detected and I'm screwed. Any and all help given would be appreciated. if it would be easier to have autoit launch a shortcut instead.

I have also created a shortcut in:


thanks in advance.

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I think you need to look at these functions: FileCopy(), Run(), WinWait(), WinWaitActive(), Send(). BTW, AutoIt automatically exits after it has ran your code. But if you want, you can put Exit in the end of your code. :)

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