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Uninstall Software with AutoIt

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I am new to Autoit.

Can I use It for automated Software Uninstall?

I want to write a Script that uninstalls a specific Apllication via-'login-Script/Autoit' if I login as a special user.

Finally I just need to know how to start the uninstallation process via autoit, since the software I want to remove has no 'uninstall.exe' file

thank you


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I found another solution

Myuninstaller (http://members.lycos.co.uk/nirsoft1/utils/myuninst.html)

gave me the exact link to the .exe file and argument I have to call from AutoIt to uninstall the software


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I have been searching the forum for the past hour. I little more would be great, because I have not gotten any further than I was an hour ago.


The UninstallString is the command that windows Add/Remove Programs dialog executes to uninstall an application. Read the manual on how to use RegRead and as larry suggested, search the forum as this topic has been handled before.

*** Matt @ MPCS


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