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How do I disconnect a modem connection?

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Ok, here's what I need to do:

I'm building a script that is going to automate our monitoring procedure. We have 32 servers (SBS2K-SBS2K3) to monitor. We have a scheduled job on each one that retrieve information for us. Once a week, we'd like to get the zip file (containing Monitoring details) from every server... Right now I've been able to script everything good, there's only one thing I don't know how to do, I can't get the modem disconnect (communicating with our server through a 56K phone line).

So right now I got a loop scripted for my 32 remote servers, to make it work I'll need to find a way to free the phone line and the modem.. If possible i'd like to do it via command-line, because it might be used on different OS (Xp and 2k not using the same GUI)..


Louis Vigneault

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In W2000/Nt you can try:

rasdial /disconnect

but I am not sure it works.

I my W98 system I use this external tool, since I lost the address where I downloaded it. I post a copy here.

Since tuape found where download it, the enclosed file has been removed.

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