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Relative folders and fileGetLongName()

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I can't get fileGetLongName() to convert a path like:


If I pass just 'foobar', it's resolving to my script folder + "\foobar" (cuz I have a folder there with that name)

I want this to return back the foobar folder that is 2 levels up but it constantly returns '..\..\foobar'.

According the the help file, passing a 1 with this function enables relative support but at the same time it indicates that you need to pass a full path.


Any ideas.

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StringTrimRight(@ScriptDir,x) where x is so many characters to go back ??

Who needs puzzles when we have AutoIt!!

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This works fine for me:

$str = FileGetLongName("..\..\java", 1)
ConsoleWrite("$str = " & $str & @LF)


$str = C:\Program Files\Java

Did you forget the "relative path" flag?


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