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java inferface with autoit

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Does anyone know how to interface java with autoit

I have been looking around and i have found two options.

Iether to use JNI(java native interface) or COM's but i have found

very little usefull information about it, JNI just talks about porting to C

and COM info just talks about linking to built in com's like excel and shell

is there any good tutorials out there

thanx a million

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Hello tommygun101,

I 've just written a solution which makes it possible to interface java and autoit (by COM Interface) on this post :


hey .. i checked the net.. and i came accross a plugin for eclipse

that i can use to create a java-com bridge , so you can create a java-com server

and could access it with autoit.. but it is a real mission maybe your code will be easier

i will take a look,

i wonder if it is bi-directional

oh i just saw.. u used jacob... nice 1,, i will take a look now

shot man

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