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Binary <-> Decimal Converter

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Guest Guidosoft

I would advise you very strongly to keep religion off this forum.


To late, forums ruined. I seen this happen before. :(

Theres was a full fledged intense religious debate at the daily click every month for 2 years. Finaly pete natress (An admin I HATE!!!!!! :ph34r:) got pissed and locked all of them type topics.

He complained and gave this example of a religious debate:

1. I'm religious

2. I'm not

3. Well you should be.

4. STFU!!!!!

5. Don't tell me what to do.

6. Religion is wrong because A, B, and C.

7. Religion is write because D, E, and F.

Personaly, I don't care if this forum experiences that. Well, I kind would like to discuss it once, but not to the point of total assinine stupidity.

Don't worry jon, I don't hate you. Your a very good admin. btw, did you make autoit?

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Guest Guidosoft

Before I was like: "Boring topic, ain't gona go there. I ain't never gona use hex-decimals and binaries"

And here I am fooling around with them. They are so fun. I am now making a file compression thing. I like to fool around with file data. It's quite entertaining for me.

Holy crap, guess what I found out: You could store 8 true or false options in 1 single byte. That beats the crap out of INI files witch take up 80 bytes to store like 8 options with realy short names.

Think about it:

Char to the number of the char

number to binary.


1 = True

0 = False

8 options per byte. Any combo. It can't go higher then 255. 2 bytes can have 16.

Holy crap: I just taught my self what 8 bity and 16 bit and 32 bit processing means.

Damn yo, I am learning about realy low level things I always wanted to know and it is probably all simple to you guys cause you read about it already but I think it's fun to mess with them.

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