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Bob Wya

GUI control handle problem.

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Bob Wya


I have a problem in a bit of software I am developing for large scale backing up to DVD...

I have a main GUI window that has a GUI pane (as a child window) that contains a Tree view of files on an individual DVD.

I have a search GUI window that is spawned off as a child window of a main GUI window. This search window can initiate a search command (I am using an event-driven model).

The problem is that in the handler for the search control I do a GUISwitch() to the Tree view GUI and then try to read the active Tree view entry... I am just getting 0 for the selected control??!!

I have checked and the variable holding the TreeView control ID definately has a nonzero value...

Reading the TreeView control ID works in another function but that is a handler for a (main window GUI handle) menu command.

So I am wondering is it possible for a child window control handler function to read controls on another child window (in the same script and with the same parent)?

Sorry I can't really post an example as the script is 1000's of lines long now... I am really a total newbie with this GUI stuff!!

Thanks for any help you guys can give!!

Bob Wya

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