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Input dates

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I am trying to input two dates to the script, to delimitate a search.

Is there a way to use a pre-made Input box?

I am trying by using an input box, and manipulating the string into the script, but iyou can easly make a mistake if you try to type a date, because of so many factors, as the format you have to use.


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The standard input statement allows a default value to be specified. If you're wanting to have a custom input box with a different look, then you'd need to create your own with AutoIt GUI.

I made an example script for another user a few weeks back that may prove helpful. I didn't really worry about error-checking the date format, so there's some bugs around the logic - however feel free to take a look at the post.

Hope this helps!

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No automatic system.

But it not so hard.

Ask your user to delimitate the 3 fields with a character. And put an example for being sure about the moth-day-year position.


Dim $check = 0, $date, $year, $month, $day
While $check <> 3
   $check = 0
   $date = InputBox ( "Input date",'Input the date' & @lf & 'Please use ISO format: yyyy-mm-dd' & @lf & 'Separe the three field with a slash.')
   If @error Then Exit 
   $Year = StringLeft($date,4)
   $Month = StringMid($date,6,2)
   $Day = StringRight($date,2)

   If $year >= 1925 Then
      $Check = $Check + 1;Year check
   If $month <=12 AND $month>=1 Then
       $check = $check + 1;Month check
   If $day < 1 Then ContinueLoop
   Select;Day check
   Case _Any($month,'01|03|05|07|08|10|12') AND $day<=31
      $check=$check + 1
   Case _Any($month,'04|06|09|11') AND $day<=30
     $check=$check + 1
   Case $month=2 AND Mod(($year-2000),4)=0 AND Not Mod(($year),100)=0 AND $day<=29
      $check=$check + 1
   Case $month=2 AND $day <=28
      $check=$check + 1

Msgbox(0,'',$day & '   ' & $month & '   ' & $year)
Func _Any($ITEM, $LIST)
   Local $LIST, $item, $c
   $LIST = StringSplit($LIST, '|')
   For $C = 1 To $LIST[0]
      If $LIST[$C] = $ITEM Then
         Return 1
   Return 0

The message says that you should separe the three values with a slash, it sis not true. As you can see any char actually divide. But clear messages are better for BFU, also some guys prefere using dots (2004.06.02) or just spaces (2004 04 03) so this it is quite foolproof. The main problem is about the management of some leap yeas that do not follow the standard 'every four' rule.

If you need more precision you may improve this udf quickly anyway.

Edit: Ok, Bartokv answered while I was writing this code. His answer is probably better, but I'll not delete this for history.

Edit2: An -9 <= month <= 0 were valid. (It would fail the day check anyway... but it is more correct now.)

Edit3: Suddently I saw I wrote StringMid() from 5 for 2 chars... OPS.. I corrected with 6 as it should. Added a line in the case the user press 'Cancel'

Edited by ezzetabi

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I like that _Any function.. have never seen it done like that before. Very simple yet it gets the job done... I'll add it to my library. :ph34r: Thanks alot!

*** Matt @ MPCS

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I like it also...

I know that it may be changed be a sequence of ORs but I think that code is much more readable with a

If _Any($Alpha,'a|q|b|t|p') Then


If $Alpha = 'a' OR $Alpha = 'q' OR $Alpha = 'b' OR $Alpha = 't' OR $Alpha = 'p' Then

So I often use it... :ph34r:

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