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Advanced Silent Install

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Well I am working on would I would say is an advanced silent install script/application. I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction and maybe some links from the sample scripts. I'm not asking for someone to do this (well unless you want to make a few extra dollars) just some help and to make sure I am on the right page. Ok now what I am doing.

I have been asked to test different applications (anti-virus's and such) on different operating systems (Windows mostly) with different software packages installed ( Office 2003/2007) to see if they would be a fit for us or cause any problems. Also my boss would like to see what has changed in the OS and such.

So here are my thoughts....

Silent install much like this:


But where it auto detects the installer type. I think there is another script for that already made.

I would also need a system monitor to monitor changed files and files that have been added during installation also any registry and port changes. Much like those Uninstaller Applications. I think I have found a AutoIT script for that as well. (Can't find ATM) The script I think called a few applications from Sysinternals.

After it installed the application it would repeat but instead of installing it would execute the applications and repeat to see the changes and if any errors.

After the executions then uninstall and repeat the changes to the OS.

Wow, I know this extensive but I have been searching and searching and I think AutoIT can handle this and I also belive most of this is already out in a sample script. I am trying to compile these and make this work and re release it back to you all.

So Idea's? Input's? Flames?


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