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Variables within executable parameters

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i am trying to set up a script to run a program (aida32) using the program's command line parameters. the problem i have is the parameters include a path to a file which includes a variable, as below:

run(@ScriptDir&'\aida32.exe /r' @Scriptdir&'\PCName /custom '@ScriptDir&'\asset.rpf /csv /silent')

i have also tried:

ShellExecuteWait (@ScriptDir&'\aida32.exe /r',@ScriptDir&'\reports\PCName /custom '@ScriptDir&'\asset.rpf /csv /silent')

but i just keep getting an error:

run(@ScriptDir&'\aida32.exe /r c:\reports\PCName /custom '@ScriptDir&'\asset.rpf /csv /silent')

run(^ ERROR

if i run the script with 1 parameter, ie:

ShellExecuteWait (@ScriptDir&'\aida32.exe /r')

or with a fixed path replacing the second variable, ie:

ShellExecuteWait (@ScriptDir&'\aida32.exe /r','c:\reports\PCName')

it runs, no problem, but i can't use a fixed path as it will vary.......hence the variable :rolleyes:

can anyone help.......PLEEEEAAASSSEEE :rambo:



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What is the variable? the PCname is the var? Because you CAN use $variables in the Run() command

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just a syntax error :rolleyes:


you have to use & to concat strings

Thank you very much Piccaso, that's done the trick. i've not used AutoIT since version 2, so am a little rusty....been using Autohotkey, but am now back in the fold :rambo:

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