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Reading from XML file?

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I am trying to work out how to read values from an XML file into a variable. This is an example of the XML file I am using.

<Fall Brawl>

<Wrestlers id=1>

<Name>Hulk Hogan</Name>



<Wrestlers id=2>

<Name>Boker T</Name>



</Fall Brawl>

The part I want to read into my vaiable is "Hulk Hogan". I downloaded <_XMLDomWrapper.au3> but haven't been able to work out how to use the functions.

Is the best XML udf to use? If I should use this one would someone be able to help me with using the functions by giving an example on how to read "Hulk Hogan" from the file.

These seem to be the functions listed related to getting from the XML file.

_XMLGetAllAttrib($sXPath,byRef $aNames,byRef $aValues,[$sQuery = ""])

_XMLGetAttrib($sXPath, $sAttrib, $sQuery = "")





Thanks for any help.

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