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yet another owc spreadsheet demo...

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This demo will display the day/date of the U.S. Holidays,

for any year (that you input).

Yes, there have been previous demos of the owc (Office

Web Components) Spreadsheet control posted here, but most

of them just demonstrated how to instantiate the control.

This demo puts a little "meat" on them bare bones.

The component used is OWC10.Spreadsheet, which comes with

winXP (Office 2003) -- but it will also work with win98.

If you don't happen to have that version, then you may

download it from msdn. Or, you may also use a previous

or later version (caution: the constant definitions have

changed, going from OWC version 9 to OWC10).


This shreadsheet was suggested on a page by "j-walk spreadsheet tips"


However, the link to the code page by j-walk was broken (ugh!),

and so I had to reconstruct the page myself, using an XL spreadsheet

which did the same calculations, courtesy of UNM(LosAlamos) CT202:


There are a few other "goodies" in the demo, but nothing



cheers, jw

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