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how to delete curtain files

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does anyone know to to create a gui that asks what kind of extension name and folder, and then deletes them all.--- before that curtain program opens.???????

That would probably be for general support, not for GUI help and support, since this has nothing to do with "Graphical User Interfaces". I know you said create a "gui" that asks for that, but really the button from the GUI is the only thing you'd be making thats GUI related, the function itself isnt GUI related at all. Everyone, im sure including you, knows how to link the function to a button.

Anyways, are you trying to delete all that specific extension in one folder, or on your whole computer? One of these can be super easy, one of them a tiny bit less easy.


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And I know how EVERYONE hates the person that picks on spelling mistakes :rolleyes: but a "curtain" is a big piece of cloth that you use to keep people from seeing you naked through your window. You're looking for "certain".



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