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Best way to use images as buttons?

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I tried using $BS_BITMAP style with the GUICtrlCreateButton control and then GUICtrlSetImage, but that just puts the image sort of on the button, rather than replacing it.

Koda seemed to suggest I could also use $BS_PUSHBOX.. it looked like how I wanted it in Koda, but not in the actual GUI.

I've read about just assigning the function to the clicking of the images, and something about using labels instead of buttons.

What's the "right" way? Or the rightest way anyway.

pros? cons?

Why doesn't BS_PUSHBOX work?



p.s. NOT looking for roll-over effects or anything fancy - just a clickable image that runs a function.

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I still welcome advice/comments, but I found Valuator's _Buttonhover UDF and it works very well.


Thanks... you should check-out EzSkin...its really easy to skin with pic buttons



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