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More than one Process

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I have one more time a question.

I think it is real easy, but I don'nt know.

How can I run a lot of autoit scripts at the same time?

Script 1 is running until a certain command. Then Script 2 should run and do some processes in the background, while Script 1 continues.

I work with inputs.

The Problem is, that if I run Script 1, and I want to run Script 2, the Script 1 annoys the Script 2..

I hope you know, what I mean.


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can you upload your 2 scripts?

must script 1 be paused when script 2 is running?

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There's a few approaches to this "problem":

One way, is to put the code of your second script in an variable, then FileWrite() that code to a file(for example file.au3) , and then Run() it against your (compiled) script with the commandline /AutoIt3ExecuteScript file.au3

Another way is to pre-compile your second script, and FileInstall() it to a location, then Run() that from within your first script.

I'm sure there is another way to do it, some that I can't come up with right now. :rambo:

Anyways, have a look at the following functions in the helpfile:




Also have a look at Using AutoIt > Command Line Parameters in the helpfile regarding the CommandLine switches. :rolleyes:

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