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Video capture possible?

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I've been thinking about making a FRAPS like application.

More for my own fun than anything else.

Feature wise I'd like to have the following:

- Could capture video and sound into .avi format at x fps, for y seconds, as long as it does not exceed z MB.

- Take individual screenshots every x seconds.

- Users would be able to transform an .avi into a semi slide show. Where you could pause the .avi at any moment and insert a comment without need for video editing programs. Than the program would re-render the video with a user specified pause at each inserted comment.

- Capture sound only, for example in-game dialog, or perhaps transform a movie into an audio book.

Is sound capture possible with AutoIt?

For video capture, is there a handy function available? Or would I have to capture screenshots very quickly, would that hamper performance? If I did take the screenshots how could I join them together with sound?

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I think you would probably have do screen shots every X seconds, then use a program at the end to convert the images into a movie(preferably one that supports command line switches).

Other than that, I don't think there's any "easy" way to do it.. maybe with DllCalls, I don't know.


All the filewrites would probably have an impact on performance, yeah :/

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)


Maybe this can get you started.



I saw that earlier myself, just that those $WM_CAP_.... things are above me right now.

The DLLCall definitely helps, I'll try to mess around with that, thanks!

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