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Odd error message from IE

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There is a good chance this has nothing to do with Autoit but I thought I would start here. I wrote a script that randomly works through the javascript links on our web app using various _IE udfs. I set it off at night and let it run.

Over the past couple of days I have been greeted with this error message in the morning:

"Internet Explorer cannot download dnserrordiagoff.htm from ieframe.dll.

The specified resource cannot be found in the image file."

Obviously, IE is telling me it ran into a dns error of some sort. Firefox is running on the same machine doing basically the same sort of work (not using any _IE udfs of course) and it goes through the night without a problem.

Thinking this might be a speed issue I put a three minute sleep in the script. No luck.

Any ideas, suggestions or hints?

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