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Varible = variable?

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so if i said

$1 = GUIctrlcreatebutton(???)

How would i make my parameters so that i could later say...

$B1 = $1(???)

and how would any parameters come after that?

also, with that on my mind, can i get an indepth explination of

$msg = GUIgetmsg




case $msg[0]

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Guictrlcreatebutton returns a handle to the button, think of it as a reference number

you can then move that number around like any other number, but you cant use it like a button, you need to pass that number to functions that do the work, like $text = guictrlgettext($1)

$msg = GuiGetMsg() gets another handle, but this time to an event on a control, it returns ( I think ) the handle to the control, so you can do the comparisons. $msg[0] is when you have multiple windows, with controls on each, it allows you to pick your window (1,2,3,etc) then get the msg for that window.


P.S. you need to understand functions, such as GuiCtrlCreateButton(), which RETURN data when you set them to a variable, you cant assign the action that the function does to the variable, just it's return value.

example! it's fake, dont try it, it's just for explanation.

$count = NumberOfProcsInASingleProcessorSystem()

$count will equal 1 :rambo:

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