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Nice script! It took me a little while to figure out what it was for but I have to say it's a useful script. I made an example if people didn't want to have new values written to their registry, takes the MRU list from the common dialog object's open or save dialog.

#include <Array.au3>

ÕÉÉtVersion\Explorer\ComDlg32\OpenSaveMRU", "C:\É][ÝÊBÐ^QÜ^JTQÙ][

I was wondering if you could add a function to remove and edit stuff from an MRU list, since you have a function to add an item.

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If I understand, this is suppose to make it possible to create a list, but how do I implement it? An example please.

Edit: Never mind, figured it out. Those who might run in the same problem, use it just like regwrite:

MRUUpdate("reg path", "reg data", "how long the list is")

I think this should definately go in the core program, and in the help file.

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