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Calculating line length

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Hi there,

does anyone know how to calculate the length of a line, given only the coordinates of it (x1,y1,x2,y2)?

For example, I know a line with following coordinates: x1 = 10; y1 = 10; x2 = 50; y2 = 100; and now i need a formula or a set of functions that will return me the length of that line.

I have a feeling that this is a ridiculously simple formula learned from school or something, but I'm just 7th grade. Any solutions would be welcome!!

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Hi and welcome to AutoIt forums

I know my question(s) probably sounds dumb and in others minds your question is logical....

But when you say line do you mean ..

A line of text in a an AutoIt control of sorts (ie: label, button, combobox.. etc)?

A graphic control line in an AutoIt gui?

An outline of a gui window of sorts?

A line of a graphic that's in non AutoIt gui?

A text line that's in non AutoIt gui?

A line in how long is a piece of string that has nothing to do with an AutoIt gui or any gui in general?

When you say x1 , y1, x2, y2 do you mean...

x1 = Horizontal starting point?

y1 = Vertical starting point?

x2 = Horizontal width?

y2 = Vertical Hieght?

Just knowing what your actually after would make answering shorter and easier for those that would like to help.

A bit more specific and someone could probably give the correct advice, formula or method to be more helpful to accomplish what your after.


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