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Fullscreen htpc gui menu help needed

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I'm trying to make a fullscreen gui to be used as HTPC...

As I just started; and I am an autoit/scripting/programming noob; I didn't get far... yet! :rolleyes:

Right now; all the script does is moving options/labels up and down when cursor keys are pressed....

actual selection isnt even implemented yet

The idea is that the menu will check which label is at the 'selection position'; by checking its 'ControlGetPos'

What I now try to do is make the menu 'rotate'

so if 'option 1' is selected; and the user presses 'up'; the menu would jump to the last option; instead of having 'option 1' leave screen... (might make sense if you try source i have)

To accomplish this, im afraid I started all wrong... there's prob a better way to make this kind of menu...

fe : to prevent double keypress ; i use sleep(100) ; but then the keyboard isnt really responsive; sometime u press the key just when it's 'sleeping'...

pls help ...




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If I may ask, whats the point of this?? Are you trying to build your own "Media Center App" or what??

Not really no; that would be a little too ... euh... sigh...

The idea is to make a VERY simple MENU GUI.

This could be used fe as a filebrowser, which can browse files and launch fe media player classic, which I already can control with my joystick...

another; very achievable idea : making a SIMPLE internet browser; where the menu would provide links;

on the right side of screen an embedded IE frame; set default with big font...

so; it's NOT for a 'media center app'; I might have misplaced the name H(ome)T(heater)PC here;

It is for a menu to be used fullscreen/external_display, to control 'media' ; might even be just a text reader where the menu would browse directories

BUT my gui questions/problems remain, wether it would be for a game or htpc or wathever app...

so, pls help ?

thx in advance...

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