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AutoIt and VB

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Hi there !

I'm currently working on some AutoIt scripts for automating some test tools made with VisualBasic.

But I have a problem. It seems that AutoIt is not able to see the "label" objects used in VB. I mean, when I use the AU3info tool it never detects the text contained in the label objects (not as visible and neither as hidden).

Is there a way in AutoIt or in VB to make these "labels" objects possible to be seen by AutoIt ?

(the only I found till now is to replace the label objects by other control like a text input control... but it's gonna be too much work to replace them all.....)

Some help would be very wellcome...

Thanks in advance,

Julien Aho

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I'm supriced you cant see the label control. You are using the latest and greates version of AutoIt?

Anyhow, replacing all text controls are not so difficult. Just open your frm/ctl files in notepad and you will understand why. Then you will have to replace .Caption with .Text and maybe add some color and disabled settings (Note you should probably add those before you change the control type).

Hapy Scripting.

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