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Send Joystick movements to an Application - Joystick Wrapper

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Hi, Im new here and I just started using Autoit.

I open an application that reads a video feed from an IP camera.

when the window is selected I can do Zooming, Panning or Titlting in the video feed.

I would like to use AutoIt to set the initial position of the video feed by sending Joystick movements to the window, without using the joystick.

Can it be done? Where can I start?

I have been reading the shared scripts but couldnt find one that exemplifies or do this.

The second question is: can I wrap the joystick movements before sending them to a Window

For example if I move my joystick in the X axis I would like to send X and Y movements to obtain a rotation movement.

Thnxs a lot

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