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How would I do this?

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to AutoIt. I've worked as a Delphi and .Net developer for a while. But recently I've taken a new job that requires very repetitive data input (not glamorous but pays the bills).

Now to my idea. I'm thinking of using an xml file as an instruction template for entering data. Since the applications controls are always the same, what changes is the data. ie If option 1 then enter a, b and c. if option 2 then enter x and y and z.

The xml file could have all the possible options and related data. That way if I need to change what I need to enter I can do it in the xml file.

What do you think, is this a worthwhile idea or am I just overthinking it ?

Robert Cleary

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Lots of ways to skin the cat. With your experience, I suspect that you aren't going to be intimidated by

the project...

If it will save you more time over its useful lifespan than you'll spend writing it, go for it. The forum is typically helpful to those who demonstrate:

an ability to read the documentation

an ability to search the forums

a willingness to learn, and

a willingness to actually write their own code :rolleyes:

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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