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Hi there! :rambo:

I want to download a set of pictures automatically. I have an internet adress and pictures are named "xxy001","xxy002",.. so, it is not difficult to automatize them to be downloaded as a set of pictures(nicely, in the background).

BUT, when I tried, I always got only piece(not completly downloaded) of pictures. It is true, that these pictures are quite big and it takes "some" time to download them completely(maybe that's why I always download only the part of each) - but in internet explorer is everything OK(takes about 2-3minutes).

Have you got an idea, how to improve that?

I used a part of code from help:

InetGet("http://www.picture1.jpg","C:\pic\pic.jpg", 1, 1) //I want to save this Iadress(picture) to folder pic and name it "pic.jpg"

While @InetGetActive

TrayTip("Downloading", "Bytes = " & @InetGetBytesRead, 10, 16)



MsgBox(0, "info","Picture has been downloaded") // Info I downloaded picture. So, I can open it now.

But, only I get is a "half/part" of the picture..:/

Thanks for any Ideas :x

cheers! :rolleyes:

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