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strangeness in fileinstall

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i have 2 file, a.exe and b.exe, that file are in c:\ and i want to insert them in my script and put them in the tempdir,

the code should be:

FileInstall("c:\a.exe", @tempdir)
FileInstall("c:\b.exe", @tempdir)

but it doesn't work!!! and the script continues without giving errors....

if I prove:

FileInstall("c:\a.exe", "c:\windows\temp\")
FileInstall("c:\b.exe", "c:\windows\temp\")

everything works.

also i prove:

$tempdir = @tempdir
FileInstall("c:\a.exe", $tempdir)
FileInstall("c:\b.exe", $tempdir)

then the problem not is the macro, (on the guide it uses the example of a variable, not of a macro).

can you help me?

thanks in advance

you always excuse my English

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