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splashimageon command hmmmmmm

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another day... another question...

first of all AutoIt is excellent, the only downfall is the help file... sorry chaps...

it would be more help if in the examples, you show the complex versions of an example, not the basic this is how newbies would use it... Yes I know I am a newbie :(

anyway... I want to display a splash screen without a border, but I dont want to plot where the screen would appear, I already have the splash, and I would assume that it is centered by default, however, to get a thin bordered window, how would I do this while omitting the x, y positional co-ords ? I tried

SplashImageOn("LIVE COMPANY", $txtdir & '\live.bmp', 333, 279, 1)

and also,

SplashImageOn("LIVE COMPANY", $txtdir & '\live.bmp', 333, 279,,, 1)

thanks in advance :ph34r:

[font="Optima"]'The impossible I can do.. miracles take a little longer...[/font]

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