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Sorry, Double Post...

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Ooopps! Sorry for the double post. I pushed the wrong button. :"> Please delete this one.

Edited by ronriel

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Great Strat Im made many media players its fun try to make a library support! and may help for your Pause / Play symbols

Func Pause() ;pauses media and determines what the pause button should look like

If $playing = 1 Then

_SoundPause( $snd )

GuiCtrlSetData( $Pause_BTN, "u" )

GUICtrlSetFont($pause_btn, 9, 400, 0, "WingDings 3") ;makes the triangle symbol

$playing = 0


_SoundResume( $snd )

GuiCtrlSetData( $Pause_BTN, ";" )

GUICtrlSetFont($pause_btn, 10, 400, 0, "Webdings") ;makes the double pipleine symbol

$playing = 1



--Best of luck--


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