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agsXMPP.dll how to use with AutoIt

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I'm really interested in converting an old program of mine to use a Google Talk account to communicate in the interweb.

Found an SDK over at ag-software SDK

How do I access functions in agsXMPP.dll from Autoit ?

their example is

XmppClientConnection xmpp = new XmppClientConnection("jabber.org");
xmpp.Open("myusername", "mysecret");
xmpp.OnLogin += delegate(object o) { xmpp.Send(new Message("test@jabber.org", MessageType.chat, "Hello, how are you?")); };

using their SDK.

I haven't done any dll calls with Auto-it, so if someone can give me a heads up or link to a example script that uses dll calls that I can pull apart and play with that would be great.

Thanks for your time


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Any1 can help with DllCall to use this dll ?

need exemple for learning and understand how do code what thread starter write upper.

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