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Using nircmd commands on autoit

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This should be posted on the examples scripts, but I can't post it there. I could only found one post mentioning this great nircmd.dll library, giving the greatest functionalities of nircmd to AutoIt users in a very simple and effective way.

Refer to the Nircmd utility documentation for all the available commands

; to run a nircmd script file:
$cmd = "script script.ncl"
DllCall("nircmd.dll", "int", "DoNirCmd", "str", $cmd)
#cs save the next sample content in script.ncl on the same directory as nircmd.dll:
    infobox "Hello !" "This is the first message"
    infobox "Hello !" "This is the second message"
    infobox "Hello !" "This is the third message"

; to open the nirsoft page using the shell open command:
$cmd = "shexec ""open"" ""http://www.nirsoft.net/cmp/nircmd.html"""
DllCall("nircmd.dll", "int", "DoNirCmd", "str", $cmd)

; stop spooler service:
$cmd = "service stop Spooler"
DllCall("nircmd.dll", "int", "DoNirCmd", "str", $cmd)

; start spooler servicet:
$cmd = "service start Spooler"
DllCall("nircmd.dll", "int", "DoNirCmd", "str", $cmd)

Have fun!

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