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Variable question

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simply put...........

I take a users input in this code.

$zipname = InputBox("Path and name", "Enter the path and name of the upgrade zip file.", ""); FTP path to download upgrade zip file.

Then pass it to this command to get the upgrade zip file.

InetGet(" & $zipname & ", "c:\platform.zip", 0) ; get the upgrade file. save to C drive and rename.

The problem is that when I use the variable, the download from the FTP site fails.

If I hardcode the Ftp URL into this line then the download works fine.

The "$zipname" variable gets the correct value. I am thinking its my code.

Thanks for the assistance. By the way I am using the Beta 3 version.

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Bingo! That was way helpful.

Thanks for the input. Hopefully as I improve I will be able to provide some support.


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