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; Description:      Copy file and overwrite only if target is newer
; Syntax:           __FileCopyNewer( $sSrc, $sTrgt, $iOpt )
; Parameter(s):     $sSrc - Path and filename to 
;                   $sTrgt - Path and filename to 
;                   $iOpt  - Time attribute to be used, same as FileGetTime
;                                0 = Modified
;                                1 = Created
;                                2 = Accessed
; Requirement(s):   None
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Returns 1
;                                @error = -1; if the target file is newer than the source
;                   On Failure - Returns 0 and sets:
;                                @error = 1: Error finding file or retreiving it's time
;                                @error = 2: File copy failed
; Author(s):        Emmanuel Pleshe <emmanuel.pleshe@gmail.com>
; Note(s):          I don't know what this will do with wildcards.

$source = "C:\Documents and Settings\&eplesh\Desktop\leet.jpg"
$target = "C:\test.jpg"
$opt = 0
$testing = _FileCopyNewer($source, $target, $opt)
$error = @error
MsgBox(4096, 'debug:', '$testing:' & $testing);### Debug MSGBOX 
MsgBox(4096, 'debug:', '$error:' & $error);### Debug MSGBOX 

Func _FileCopyNewer($sSrc, $sTrgt, $iOpt)
   $sSrcMod = FileGetTime($sSrc, $iOpt)
   $sTrgtMod = FileGetTime($sSrc, $iOpt)
   If $sSrcMod = 1 Then
      Return 0

;my first thought was that if I added all the elements of each array, the older file would have a smaller number
;yeah, I'm short on caffeen.
   if ($sSrcMod[0] & $sSrcMod[1] & $sSrcMod[2] & $sSrcMod[3] & $sSrcMod[4] & $sSrcMod[5]) > _
      ($sTrgtMod[0] & $sTrgtMod[1] & $sTrgtMod[2] & $sTrgtMod[3] & $sTrgtMod[4] & $sTrgtMod[5]) _
      Or FileExists($sTrgt) = 0 Then
      $iCopyTest = FileCopy($sSrc, $sTrgt, 1)
      If $iCopyTest = 0 Then
         Return 0
         Return 1
      Return 1
EndFunc  ;==>_FileCopyNewer

Edited by emmanuel

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" -Dante (Hicks)

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