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Autoit and win2k

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We have about 100 pcs, almost all with WIN XP SP2.

Some machines still have win2k SP4.

On my machine (winXP SP2) I'm compiling a script with one instruction :

msgbox (0,"",@OsVersion)

The exe produced by the compilation works properly on all WinXP SP2 machines, but when run on some the win2k SP4 machines locks them up so that the only way to solve the problem is to switch it off. I can't even open the task manager.

Today I found a Win2000 machine where the EXE works. So I'm trying to find out which are the differences between the machines.

By the way, I found out that if I try to install Autoit with the setup EXE, this locks up the machine as well.

I wonder if someone can give me any suggestion ...

BY the way, I downloaded Autoit from the Autoit main site, and my antivirus scanner is Symantec

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