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Yogi Yang

Map keyboard with one or more characters want suggestion

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I am trying to implement a keyboard mapper. In this I want to allow the user to map each key on the keyboar to type a particular character (one or more). Say for example a user set the A key on the keyboard to type t.

I have managed to implement a system wide keyboard hook (iplemented in a separate DLL compiled in LCC 'C') for trapping the keys globally.

I am stuck at one place. I want to implement feature by which the user key typed by user is compared to last 4 inserted characters and based on that it decides as to that should be typed. For example a user types a then he types e now if the user types ' (single quot) both the characters a and e will get deleted and the character æ will get typed in it's place. For implementing such a think I am currently using Select...Case (nesting as necessary) but the listing seems to get very long. So debugging seems to become a tedious task.

Is there any better way of doing this?


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