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Russian Language in autoit script

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I have a problem.

I need to write a text for multilanguage users in a autoit script.

For Russians, my text is wrong in autoit :

Russian in notepad = "Ваше приложение SAP нуждается в обновлении"

Russian in autoit = "???? ?????????? SAP ????????? ? ??????????"

How can i fix this ?

Thanks for help and sorry for my english

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Make sure you are running the latest version of AutoIt, as it has better Unicode support.

What problem are you having specifically? An AutoIt GUI is displaying Russian incorrectly? You are writing to a file and Russian is not being written correctly? Can you post a small sample of the code that shows the problem?

[font="Fixedsys"][list][*]All of my AutoIt Example Scripts[*][/list][/font]

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I'm running the AutoIt v3.2.4.9 version.

This is my text in notepad or other applications :

"Ваше приложение SAP нуждается в обновлении"

"Пожалуйста сохраните всю Вашу работу и закройте SAP"

"По окончании бегущей строки"

"SAP закроется автоматически"

"Оставшееся время"

And this is the text when i do a copy/paste in autoit :

    $m1_FR = "Une mise à jour de SAP est nécessaire sur votre ordinateur."
    $m2_FR = "Veuillez sauvegardez vos transactions SAP et fermez SAP."
    $m3_FR = "Dans le cas contraire et à la fin du temps imparti,"
    $m4_FR = "SAP sera automatiquement fermé"
    $m5_FR = "Temps imparti"
    ;US, UK
    $m1_US = "Updates are required on your SAP client."
    $m2_US = "Please save your SAP work and close SAP client"
    $m3_US = "If you don't proceed before the end of the progress bar,"
    $m4_US = "SAP client will close automatically"
    $m5_US = "Remaining Time"
    $m1_ES = "Requieren actualizaciones sobre su cliente de SAP."
    $m2_ES = "Por favor salve su trabajo de SAP y cerca SAP"
    $m3_ES = "Si usted no continúa antes del final de la barra de progreso,"
    $m4_ES = "El cliente de SAP se cerrará automáticamente"
    $m5_ES = "Tiempo Restante"
    $m1_RU = "???? ?????????? SAP ????????? ? ??????????"
    $m2_RU = "?????????? ????????? ??? ???? ?????? ? ???????? SAP"
    $m3_RU = "?? ????????? ??????? ??????"
    $m4_RU = "SAP ????????? ?????????????"
    $m5_RU = "?????????? ?????"

Have you an idea to change this ?

Thanks for help

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I'm not Unicode expert but it looks like you are trying to paste russian text from clipboard to Scite editor (to opened AU3 script).

If it's the case then try to swith Scite encoding to Unicode before paste: menu File/Encoding/UTF8

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In Scite goto Menu File-Encoding-UTF8

Futher your Window must also support Unicode format

Or ----> It's easier to use External Language files, let your translator send you the russian.txt file which must be saved into UniCode format this is an option in Notepad..

When your windows is not preperard for unicode format .. it can occur you will still see the ???? but the people with unicode format or a russian version of windows will see it 100% correct

Best regards,


Best regards,Emiel Wieldraaijer

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