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Javascript help

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Ok im writing a program to interact with a web page im making but first i have to make the javascript page.

my html file has this line:

<script LANGUAGE="javascript" src="Rxxx.js?res_name=12&AmountVarName=323.34"></script>

and it loads the .js file fine but my problem is that i need to use the res_name and AmountVarName from the src URL and im not sure how to do that from my .js file.

Any suggestions?

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Use the FlowScript API:


var value = cocoon.request.getAttribute("res_name");

Edit: The more common case would be that there would be a PHP script spitting out the JS on the other end.

Edit2: Or look at this once it comes back up again: Passing Query String Parameters to External java script: http://feather.elektrum.org/book/src.html


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