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Downloading file / running file question.

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I kinda forgot what my 2nd question was when i made my first thread hence me making a second thread.

I am currently using the following code to download / run an image file i have hosted

InetGet("www.imageshack.us/xxxx.jpg", C:"\xxxx.jpg", 1, 1)


run (c:\xxxx.jpg) [For example]

Now the problem is that sometimes the jpg file will tkae longer than 5 seconds to download therefore it'll error out and wont let me open it. My question is this : IS there a specific sleep command which WAITS for the exact amount of time it takes for the file to download, and THEN executes it, removing any possibilities of an error.

Thanks. And sorry for the second thread.

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InetGet ( "URL" [,"filename" [, reload [, background]]] )


URL URL of the file to download. See remarks below. Can be "abort". filename [optional]

Local filename to download to. reload [optional]

0 = (default) Get the file from local cache if available

1 = Forces a reload from the remote site background [optional]

0 = (default) Wait until the download is complete before continuing.

1 = return immediately and download in the background (see remarks).



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Wow im an idiot; thanks for the help.

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