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Silktest & AutoITX

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Hello Guys,

Silktest can call .dll functions and execute the inbuild methods written in dll.

I am trying to access "AutoItX3.dll" and access AU3_ControlClick() method.

Within silktest, we need to call dll and declare the method and write testcase to call the method and code is as follows:

[-] dll "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoItX\AutoItX3.dll"

[ ] long AU3_ControlClick(String Title, String Text, String Control, String Button, int nNumClicks, long nX, long nY)

[ ] void AU3_Sleep(Int time1)

testcase testdll() appstate none

[ ] AU3_Sleep(1000)

[ ] AU3_ControlClick("Warning - Security",'Yes', "$javax.swing.JButton[2]","left", 2, 5, 5)

My Question, is the declaration done in Silktest correct ?

AU3_Sleep works fine, but AU3ControlClick() doesn't work, I changed the Control to "", even though it didn't work.

What Control should be mentioned ?

Waiting for some reply.

Thanks in Advance.


Bhaskar A.S

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