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Burning DVD/CDs

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Starburn is a commercial cd burning SDK:




If you have Nero installed you can use the command line NeroCmd (not very free or portable):

I believe its part of update package 1 in the Nero Toolkit


I use cdrecord.exe which only requires a single dll to be in the folder with it (Cygwin) its fast and free:

example -

cdrecord.exe dev=SPTI:1,0,0 -dao -v driveropts=burnproof -overburn speed=40 gracetime=0 fs=16000000 -eject -pad archrival.iso

cdrecord can be difficult to find though try:



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Why use an external tool (and consume money) if you have everything on your machine for free.

Run "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe /Task CDWrite"

There are more options available. Googling will help you here.

WMP cmd line options

An other option is the copy to the files you want to burn the the specifice WMPlayer staging folder and it will start the burning process automatically.

But I forgot what the folder is called :whistle:



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